Agritech Perú

AGRITECH Non-Profit Organization (NPO) was established as a result of the AGRITECH Israel Exhibition. The NPO was registered in Israel in 1985 and the founders were the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, the Water Workers Organization, the Field Workers Organization, the Kibbutz Industry Association, the Ruppin Institute, the Agricultural Engineering Association, and the Israel Farmers Federation.

Since its founding the NPO has organized 17 events that have in turn attracted increasing numbers of visitors and exhibitors from Israel and abroad. The NPO is the sole owner of the AGRITECH Israel brand name; as such, the NPO is proud to share with Kenes Exhibitions the opportunity to extend its activities abroad, in general and in Peru in particular with INNOVA RURAL participation.

International Agrarian Exhibition and Conference “AGRITECH PERU” is the version for the Americas of the AGRITECH Israel, the most important international high-tech agrarian exhibition, carried out for more than 30 years in Tel Aviv, Israel.

More than one hundred companies from 14 countries and more than 4,500 visitors from 34 countries participated in the first version of “AGRITECH PERU” (May 2011).

After a groundbreaking inaugural event in 2011, we are pleased to announce the 2nd AGRITECH Peru Exhibition and Conference in May 2013, and we once again invite the agricultural sector from all over the globe to join us in this exciting event.

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